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Smiling older couple cuddling on a couch

A personal family experience as well as a life long career in healthcare has instilled a deep passion to help other families with aging loved ones.  The dilemma to move my parents into an assisted living facility and soon my dear mother into an Alzheimer’s unit was imminent.  The physical, emotional and medical demands for my father to care for my mother were far too great to manage alone.  Needless to say my mother absolutely refused to move into an assisted living facility much less an Alzheimer’s unit.  So the decision was made to move my parents from Kansas City Missouri to my home in Louisville Kentucky to care for my parents.  The kindness, care and dignity the home care specialists provided my parents over five years was nothing more than amazing.  This gave me piece of mind to continue my career and the freedom to raise our two young boys while simultaneously knowing my parent’s needs were being met. This experience gave us the desire to enhance seniors lives and to help them remain at home writing their success story of aging with dignity, peace and joy. TouchStone is a locally owned company in Tampa,  developed with a passion to be your trusted in-home care agency. 

An elderly mother with her daughter and grandson in front of an old building

Our mission is to provide safe, reliable,  in-home care for aging parents, grandparents or friends while simultaneously promoting independence in their activities of daily living. Our services are compassionately delivered utilizing a holisitic approach, caring for the emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being of the client. We provide quality, competent and supportive care for a client with a wide range of personnel needs. Experience the best in everyday life with Touchstone.


Private duty home care is personalized care that allows a person with special needs to stay in their home.  Private duty home care may be for people who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or disabled.  When you choose TouchStone as your home care provider, we begin by reviewing your loved one’s needs.  We will meet with all involved family members  to get a complete picture of your loved one’s in-home care needs.   As part of this process, we match your loved one’s needs to a select group of compassionate  home care specialists.  You will  have the opportunity to be part of the caregiver selection process.  We encourage all our home care specialists to establish rewarding one-on-one relationships with their seniors and families.


Our TouchStone home care specialist are trained to work with your family to implement a personalized plan of care to suit your needs.  You can select those services most needed and desired by your loved one.  Our goal is to provide compassionate care,  always respecting the dignity of each person.


What are the Payment Options for Private Duty Home Care?

Physicians do not typically refer patients for home care.  Home care is a service you arrange based on your families specific needs. Most health insurance does not cover private duty home care and is typically paid for out of pocket.  However, long-term care insurance will often cover this service as well as veterans that qualify for these services through their VA benefits.

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